BANKING & FINANCE for the youth

Learn what you have never been taught.

Manage your money and take control of your life.

We use money every day

and yet finance is not taught in schools

…we are not taught how to use money, how to spend it, how to save, how to invest.

Our youth hardly know how the financial system works. They find it distant, even boring.

Financial literacy is essential to making good decisions in adult life and we suggest starting it in schools now.


Hello, I’m Lucas Migone Schaefer,

founder of MS Partners S.L. and father of 4 children.

I started working in the financial industry in 1989 and my working years have taken me through several crises and across three major continents.

One thing that has struck me over the years is the lack of knowledge people have about financial matters. It is not taught in schools or other educational institutions.

I founded the BFJ-school with the goal of educating young people in finance, from knowledge to awareness, so they can make better decisions in adult life.



Here you will find a large selection of articles on various topics such as: financial system, banks, investments, and general learnings.

They are available to view or download for free.

The story of money

The role of banks

Financial statements

Stock market

Bond market

Interest Rates

Economic Situation

Business Model


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